Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Goals

I feel like in 2010, I was in many ways unproductive. We did move and greatly reduced our overall debt and are 1 step closer to living within our means and living a more simple life, but I feel like I dropped the ball and neglected so many other people and things. So, this year I am making them a priority. I am calling these goals(not resolutions) and we all have goals, they help to keep us motivated. The first of the year is an ideal and logical time to do so for many reasons. It is cold outside so there is time to think. We are all getting new calendars and setting schedules for the year. It's also a great way to remember progress and the start date. For those with school aged children, it marks the halfway point and it's a great time to review progress and to figure out what needs work.

  1. Spend more time in prayer. Commit to going to Adoration every single week, since we moved, I haven't taken on my own hour, I have been tagging along with my Mother. I want to continue going with her, but I need to make it a priority and not just find excuses not to go. Teach the children better in the Catechism department, we do try to live our faith in many ways, but I haven't been doing Catechism the last year as often. Also include apologetics as well. Go to confession more often, we go several times a year, but it's not as consistent as it should be. I will actually mark it on the calendar this year.
  2. Increase Respect for everyone. I am not disrespectful to complete strangers, but to my very own family, it's a different story, I could use a great deal of work!! Listen more, talk less. We had a family meeting last night and we all agreed to work on this as a family. I promised I would yell less, make more eye contact and really listen when they spoke. Listen more, talk less. I have been reading a book by Deborah Norville called, "The Power of Respect", while not all of it applies to our family, there is a wealth of information and examples that have really hit home with me.
  3. Visit relatives more often.
  4. Take off the 25 pounds I gained last year. I blame it on the stress of moving and even thought maybe I had Hypothyroidism, but the test results came back negative. I just need to get up, eat less, and move more. And as my Dr. said "You know you are getting older, you will have to work harder to lose weight and stay fit". I need to be a better example to my kids. We have a very neglected Y membership that we plan to's on the calendar.
  5. Cook more, eat out less.
  6. Organize my home. (This is on the list every year and I have yet to accomplish it...although I do try!)
  7. Try to be content with what I have and satisfied with what I don't, additionally try to be creative with our resources. Listen more, talk less.
There are probably a thousand other things that I need to work on, but if I set too many goals, I'll get overwhelmed and then I'll freeze and not do anything. Simple is good.


  1. Great list Debi! And I agree on calling them "goals" instead of "resolutions". I think you may have just made my list of New Year's "goals" for me since it looks just like what mine should say ;) I'll pray for you in your efforts as I work towards them too.

  2. I love that you call them goals, its better than resolutions. I've not really sat down yet and had a good think about what my goals are other than my usual ones for Matilda and weight loss but I will try to find an hour today to pray and contemplate what I want to achieve. Less computer is definitely a goal or at least more specific time on the computer, I can sometimes lose an hour or two just aimlessly reading and surfing and i'd love to at least cut out the aimless surfing.

    Thanks for posting your list, its great and like your friend says it looks just like what mine should say (what everyone's probably should say!).

  3. Great goals! And I agree on calling them "goals" instead of "resolutions". Resolutions still sounds nice though. ;)
    It's funny I feel the same about my year last year-focused on what I was doing (even if important) and not so much on others. I'm hoping to find a better balance with that this year.

  4. Thanks Elizabeth,I can use all the prayers I can get and they are more precious to me than anything, I'll pray for you too!!
    Yes, Eloise, less computer is excellent...I need to add that to my list!!
    Erika, I think we all have years when we accomplish something big, but everything else kind of falls apart or at least gets neglected. The good things is that these years are usually pretty far apart, or if not, we learn how to manage. I think you have a done a great job...btw!