About Me

My husband Don and I are falling in love with our Catholic Faith everyday. We are homeschooling our 6 children and they teach us plenty!! We also have 2 darling babies in Heaven. Someone once asked why I would throw away my life just to be a stay at home Mom. I am not throwing it away, I am laying it down at the foot of His cross. As a family we are on a mission bound towards spite of all our flaws, sins, mistakes, unworthiness, and struggles!! Care to join us??

The whole crew
Noah born in 97

Jonah (on left) born in 99'

Hannah born in 01'
Elijah born in 03'

Benny born in 06'

Charlie born in 08'

Christian Nicholas miscarried in 06' Gianna Rose miscarried 08'

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  1. Hello, my name is Susan. I stumbled on to your blog, and I think you might be a fellow Kansan?? For sure a fellow Catholic!! I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I would like to nominate you for a blogging award, but the rule is you can't have more than 200 followers. I couldn't tell from your sight if you do. Let me know!!