Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Journal : Confirmation

Recovery Update: I had to briefly mention my little pain in the neck...that hasn't been so little. I ended up in the ER after my last post because I thought I was was muscle spasms. The doc prescribed cortisone pills, they usually prescribe muscle relaxers, but those are no-no for breastfeeding. After over a month, my pain has lessened and the stiffness has almost completely been reduced....but I am trying to wean myself off of pain med(tylenol & ibuprofin)....I can't believe what a baby I have been about it...I have taken less meds with all 7 of my natural childbirths combined....sheesh...silly sprain!!

Around the House: We have been going through storage tubland which now is in the sunroom, since Noah and Jonah have taken up residence in the storage room. We hope to get the garage organized enough to store all the tubs out there and regain our sunroom/laundry room.

Crafting: Don made "head guards" for Gregory's stroller out of a pool noodle. I thought it was brilliant and now we can walk more than a block without Gregory hitting his head.

The Kitchen: The kids have enjoyed "bird nests", a piece of toast with a hole cut out of the center filled with a fried egg. Don't hate me because I'm boring;)

The Kids:

Noah: Received his Confirmation and chose the name St. Francis of Assisi, he's always had a devotion to him and when he was little, he told me he felt that God wanted him to be a Franciscan priest....I pray he does God's will. He has also been doing a little grunt work for a family members' construction company.

Jonah: New GLASSES with transition lenses....Don and Hannah got them as well. He has been doing weird experiments with covering half the lens and seeing if only the exposed half we deduced that standing half in the shade would only turn the half of the lens funny!!

Hannah: Has been really into hula hooping and jump roping. She is Gregory's second Mom and he really responds well to all the attention.

Elijah: Just finished Art class for the year and can't wait to go back. I posted a few pics below of both Hannah and Eli's art. Eli is my little prayer warrior...he missed out on family prayer time last night and couldn't go to sleep until Don prayed with him.

Benny: This kid can hula hoop!! See pics below. He has also been enjoying the slip n slide these last few warm/hot days.He is also become quite a big eater...the other night, he polished off 3 bowls of spaghetti....if only I could borrow some of his metabolism.

Charlie: Loves to go to 5 Guys Burgers with us and crack open the peanuts and dip them in ketchup....and completely drenching himself in it.....we do this occasionally after feeding the kids and have a "date night" and chat while Benny and Charlie go nuts. It's amazing how occupied it keeps them.

Gregory: Is almost CRAWLING!! I can't believe it....he has been getting all over the place and rocking back and forth on all fours. It's been baby proofing season here lately. My dear friend, Jan, made a cross-stitch wall hanging for Gregory....she has made one for each child...they are family heirlooms for sure!!!

Bringing Me Joy: Mother's Day....the kids spent their own money and bought me gifts...2 t-shirts, a pot of pink roses and french mints...Don gave me the sweetest card(and the sweetest kids) I was so choked up and tearful we were late to Mass and the boys were serving.....I begged Fr. for his forgiveness after Mass.
Spending time with both Grandmas (My Mom and Don's Mom) we found neat books to personalize and fill in from their memories of growing up...the kids enjoyed hearing about life a long time ago.

Pics to Share:


Jan's Beautiful gift to Gregory