Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walking with Dinosaurs!

Don and the kids had a great time at the new arena watching "Walking with Dinosaurs". Don took some videos and it's amazing how realistic they seemed. My wonderful Aunt Janet treated them, what a blessing!! They were even interviewed on KSN!

Monday, April 19, 2010

How Not to Clean a Swimming Pool....With your BUTT!

THE POOL BEFORE Tonight was very productive and we managed to scrub down several walls in the house and we have completely drained the in ground swimming pool except for about 6 inches of sludgy goop at the bottom. The pool slopes to a depth of 10 feet and made of fiberglass with a vinyl liner. I was standing on the side spraying around the perimeter to scrub the sides to loosen debris so I could spray it off better. While wearing my very well-worn traction-free flip flops, I decided to climb in and I got a little too close to the slopey part of the deep end and down I went over and over again.....with my kids sitting on the edge watching in horror. I realized I couldn't get out without a little help, so I sent the kids in to find Don. He came out with his hands on his hips and yelled.."What are you doing down there?" He repeated his question 2 more times, I can not publish on this lovely blog my response, but the gist of it was..."Stop asking me and throw me a rope so I can climb out!" Anyway, the part where my butt slid down is much cleaner. Mission partially accomplished!
Of course, I had to apologize to my better half for my unlady like response, and he said he was sorry he was so slow to respond but he was in shock because "Honey, you don't usually do such stupid things." Yeah....usually! We all laughed about it on the way home and the kids asked if after the pool was all cleaned out if they could ride on "the slide".

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not So Green Pastures: Our "New" House

I always tell the kids.."Life is an adventure." And this certainly will be that! We purchased our new home in foreclosure, it had been abandoned by it's previous owner. It needs lots of attention, having been neglected and abused. Benny has given the house a nickname..."The Dirty House." We have been cleaning, and cRaZy! I didn't know it was possible to have so many layers of grime. On a positive note, the house being empty and all has AWESOME ACOUSTICS, so we have been singing up a storm while we scour. I'll be posting updates and pics as we go.....we are just praying our current house sells soon!!