Friday, January 14, 2011

cable ain't that Jonah

For composition, Jonah(11) had to write a persuasive essay. This is his rough draft....please excuse his errors. The title is only the file name, I don't think he has come up with an actual title yet.
Jonah is my media guy, he's the first one to know when movies that interest him come out and he loves video games, although with strict limitations(I think this essay is also to persuade me the "benefits" of video games), and I was very surprised by his choice in topics.

"What’s so good about cable? I mean cable isn’t bad but why not just use a DVD player instead? Using a DVD player you can see almost anything you see on TV. But it may not come out for a while, so until then why don’t you just use the World Wide Web? Another benefit of not having cable is no advertisements. Some times inappropriate content can appear in advertisements on your TV, but this may also happen on the internet so make sure you know you’re on a website you trust. I know a website you can go to without inappropriate content, which is a Catholic version of Google. But there’s another benefit of not having cable. No bills to pay!!! Plus there’s something else that you can do, something that people enjoy more than TV. Video Games!!! Video games have no advertisements, and the only bill you have to pay is the electricity bill. So just because you quit cable doesn’t mean you have to be unplugged. But you can be if you wish. So now does getting rid of cable seem that bad? You can still watch your favorite shows without cable, and besides think of all the money you could be saving per month. Or better yet per year!!! So, try it, if you don’t like it, go ahead, turn it back on. The choice is yours!"

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  1. Precious! And I totally agree - cable ain't that great! It's why we dropped it over 3 years ago and haven't really missed it much since. What's really great is that there's nothing appropriate on TV for Ira to watch really anyway, so the only tv viewing he does are videos - sans advertisements and can be pre-screened!