Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Gratitude

I have been the most UN-thankful person over the last several years, I have failed time and time again to send out thank you notes to anyone and everyone!! I decided as part of my "respect" 2011 goal, that I need to be more grateful and hopefully that will transfer over to the kids. So as our Christmas "Thank you" notes we each colored a letter and snapped a pic, added a border at and we will just send these out as postcards and write the address and note on the back of the photos. It's a little more affordable stamp-wise and a little more personal. Now, I just have to actually SEND them!! Hopefully the fact that I'm blogging about it...will help with my accountability issues!


  1. You know, if I was younger, i'd try for 6 kids purely to do something this cool!!! hahaha Adorable, I love it, great idea :)

    You could also send them as an e-card, people would probably love that too and it would save on the stamp, save a tree etc :)

  2. Good idea, Eloise!! Most of the recipients are not computer savy, though. LOL!! Yes, our number did work out perfectly...I was thinking...what I would do if we had an extra kid or 2 and I thought I would add an exclamation point or two!

  3. That. Is. So. Cool.

    I did photo thank you's this year as well, using our family picture from Christmas at church. But I didn't think of doing postcards. I love all the photo options at Walgreens.

    Way to go!!!

  4. I think I might give you a gift just so I can get one of these cards. Haha. ;-D