Friday, December 31, 2010

Vacation Dreaming

This time of year always finds my family dreaming about our fall vacation. Don has to turn in his date requests by Dec. 31st in hopes of getting his preferred dates. So, my head is spinning with excitement as we plan our trip to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Every vacation that I have planned has a very seemingly impossible budget to stick to, but they are always AWESOME!!(and I mean this in the humblest way possible;) We are blessed to be able to use which provides resort villas, townhouses, and condos for $379 per week. This is actually cheaper than staying at a low budget hotel and with having full kitchens(saves money on eating out), washer/dryers(we take very few clothes) and 3 bedrooms(space to spread out), I find it difficult to go elsewhere. Only certain people can use this, like government employees and teachers. One alternative that I have used for the same rates without the stipulations and EXCELLENT customer service is  We always say we are going to our "vacation house" and this makes the little ones feel very comfortable about the whole being away from the familiar.
Why Hilton Head?? It combines the best of our family's dream vacations. First, it's an ISLAND!!! Wahoo!
Second, you can ride a bike EVERYWHERE, yes, even on the beach, the island is covered with wide bike paths! They have several rental companies  with extremely reasonable rates including free baby seats, baskets, locks, resort delivery, and pick-up. The idea of riding our bikes to a picnic on the beach, to Mass, Adoration, thrift store shopping, or to go to see lighthouses, children's museums and conservation areas is heavenly. Our resort even includes 2 bikes free with our townhouse. Third, we love wildlife, and Hilton Head has a plethora of it, from dolphins, flying fish, sharks, crabs, alligators, sand dollars,....etc.
There is even a Chick-fil-A! I know it's probably not the healthiest place to eat....but they have the BEST chicken sandwiches! Hilton Head Ice Cream Inc. has also received rave reviews, so we HAVE to try it! It's these little things that make me smile!
When life stresses me out, I have something to fantasize about, plan our budget, save coupons, send away for visitor info, check out books from the library so we can learn about it's history and wildlife.

UPDATE: I actually booked with because I found a 15% off code (RMN15) on an excellent source for online/offline discount codes. Not only are we paying less, but there is a 3 day cancellation fee with 100% refund, which is much better than getravelop's policies.
Coral Reef Resort, here we come!!


  1. So I was just going to comment that we have the same background, and then I saw you had already made that comment on my blog - great minds really do think alike, huh?!?! :D

    Oh, and I saw your comment on Monica's blog about Christmas, and just wanted to let you know if I had seen it on Facebook I would have "like"d it. We're still trying to figure out how we're going to address the whole Santa thing as well. Wishes for a blessed remainder of the Christmas season and Happy New Year!

  2. My sis and her hubby went to Hilton Head for their honeymoon and LOVED it. Bikes and all!! So exciting for you.

    And yes, I liked what you had to say on my blog as well.

  3. How exciting, Hilton Head is on my list of places i'd like to visit, enjoy the planning (which I always think is half the fun!).

    Happy new year to all of you!! Did you get my Christmas card/small package yet?

  4. wow! This sound fabulous! Can I hide in your luggage?

  5. Monica, good to know, I hope this becomes one of our favorites!
    Eloise, you should go sometime after visiting Disney, it's just a 5 hour drive up the coast.
    No package yet. I agree planning for me is just as fun as the execution.
    Erika, are pretty petite!Just don't forget your helmet.

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