Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is the Complaint Department Open on Thursday??

I know it's not "complaining day", but I have a few to lodge.

  1. The menu thing is going well...except yesterday's dinner was ruined when the glass lid on my crockpot imploded and shattered all over dinner. Crockpot $30, Dinner $6, hearing the kids yell "Hey Mom, something Baaad happened to dinner!"..Invaluable.
  2. I thought exercising would get easier(it did seem easier ONE day), it's only 10 minutes of light running, right??...why does it feel like 2 hours of torture?? I will continue, however, Even. If. I die.
  3. The kitchen remodel isn't happening anymore, we are half-way finished and we just don't have any desire to continue....I know the urge will return, but for now we are beached whales.
  4. I appreciate Don's wonderful job at the USPS, but why is it that our mail just doesn't  get forwarded(We DID submit a change of address!) to our new address, the new homeowners at our old house are really frustrated at getting our mail everyday. And frankly, so am I.


  1. bummer on all accounts!! Hope things get better!!

  2. It's good that you're at least getting the mail. I wonder if my mail is going to my old house. I don't think I'd ever know.

  3. That's crazy about the slow cooker. My mom was using her new one for the first time and the insert actually cracked in half! I'm sure there was some sort of flaw in the ceramics, but it was still pretty crazy.

  4. Elizabeth, my theory is that earlier that morning when I was removing the crockpot from the bottom cabinet, I had to tilt the crockpot to remove it and the lid fell off and hit the floor, it did not break or even crack, but maybe when the heat hit it, the invisible stress fractures just shattered???? It was very crazy! That's weird about your Mom's cracking in half....especially the first time. My crockpot was 7 years old, so I guess it's had a good run.