Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knowing Him

We finally started our Bible Study!! I never thought all the materials would arrive, as most everything came media mail. After researching the different approachs to reading the bible, and discussing it with Don, we have agreed on our course of action. We decided that since the bible itself is in chronological order, we feel that it's best for the kids' understanding and to develop a natural timeline in their minds, to start "In the beginning." I had thought that maybe we would also read the catechism, but it's been best to just stick to the bible for now. I was worried the kids might become bored or uninterested, but it's quite the opposite. They listen intently, following along in their bibles, and then asking a myriad of questions afterward. We have had some very interesting conversations, like about evolution, how God's time is different from our time, how the dinosaurs fit into everything, and special abilities Adam and Eve might have had prior to the fall. If we can't answer their questions, we tell them that we will know someday, if we earn Heaven. Eli even follows along in his picture bible, and he really does pay attention. Benny and Charlie, however, that's a different story, they usually end up playing in the family room or fighting. I never expected them to participate, but it would be nice to have them somewhat within earshot. I am thinking of putting together a box of special bible activities, books, and toys that only come out during our bible study. Overall, it's actually going better than I thought it would..."and God saw that it was good."

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  1. a little bible activity box....good idea!