Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

I wanted to share information about a parental rights group I am blessed to be part of, KVR, Kansans for Vaccine Rights.

Kansans for Vaccine Rights (KVR) is a group of volunteers in Kansas working together to promote and protect the right of every person to make informed independent vaccination decisions for themselves and their families without the risk of penalty or discrimination.
KVR shares this vision: passage of a bill to provide parents and individuals with a conscientious exemption to mandatory immunizations in Kansas.

 As a mom of 6, I feel it's my right as a parent to make my own decisions on how to vaccinate my children. Dr.Robert Sears, MD, also agrees. Dr Sears has authored both The Vaccine Book and The Baby Book. He states, "In my practice as a board-certified medical doctor, I support the absolute right of parents to make decisions regarding vaccinations. It is my professional opinion that if a parent has reviewed the vaccination options and chooses to refrain from all the recommended vaccinations, or use a delayed or selective schedule: they are doing what they feel is in the best interest of the child."
  • 19 other states have this exemption without risk to the general health.
  • Vaccines are the only state-mandated medical procedure.
  • Vaccines are not 100% effective, not 100% necessary, and not 100% safe.
  • Over $2 billion has been paid by the Federal Government to those injured by vaccines.
  • Anyone and everyone should have the right to decline one, some, or all state-mandated vaccines for reasons of conscience or other personal beliefs. 
KVR is a non-partisan, issue-oriented group and does not endorse any one candidate or political party. This group neither accepts nor pays any individual or group for any KVR activities or efforts. KVR seeks neither to promote or oppose vaccinations or provide any medical advice pertaining to vaccinations, but does encourage making informed vaccination decisions.
For more information visit our website:
  Kansans for Vaccine Rights
 (352) KVR-CEB4
Click Here to Sign the Petition:

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Debi!!!! You are a blessing to all of us. None of us could do this alone, we all bring our special gifts to the table.