Sunday, January 23, 2011

Holy Sundays

Last night I spoke with my good friend on the phone. She was telling me about her preparations for Sunday, she said, "I have to run to the store tonight and get some milk so we won't need anything for tomorrow." I nonchalauntly responded, "Oh, we don't worry about shopping or eating out on Sundays, it's one of Don's days off work, so we need to get caught up on all of our running around. And with homeschooling it's hard to get out during the week." She went on and explained that she even lets the dishes pile up so as not to work on Sundays. I thought to myself, well, God understands Our circumstances. This chilly Sunday morning found us straggling into Church and restlessly participating. During the homily, Fr. Boor was going through the ten commandments explaining each one in more detail. The one that struck me like a hot flaming sword right to my prideful heart, was "Keep the Lord's Day Holy". He very simply said, "Do you think people at Dillons, Walmart, and other places would have to work on Sundays, if we didn't do our shopping then?" Ouch!!! I fell off my high horse right then. He was RIGHT! Loving involves sacrifice. It isn't easy to plan ahead and resist the urge to check out all the sales that are in the newspaper ads. Dying to self isn't painless and it isn't fun. This is one of the rules I have never paid much attention to, and I always jusitified it in my mind. If I truly wish to earn Heaven, can I leave out God's laws that don't fit into my lifestyle?? Probably not. I started to internally panic...What are we going to do all day long??? So today during menu planning our family will come up with some great ideas. One idea I plan to share, is to visit relatives, friends, and neighbors, or to have them over to our house.
 Thanks for your mercy Lord in awakening my soul to task, and enlightening me before it was too time here isn't long enough to wait for holiness to come to me. As Jesus proclaimed in the gospel today, "The time of God is at hand."


  1. i've been thinking about this a lot lately too. thanks for sharing your thoughts. i get really frustrated that tim pretty much always has to work on sundays. but that shouldn't stop ME from making efforts with the boys to keep the day special.

  2. I read your post out to Phil because this is something I am terrible at following. When I first met Phil he never did anything on Sundays but go to church, spend time with friends, do Bible study etc. But I was a terrible influence I think. We too want to go back to keeping Sunday as God's day. Like you say, a lot of it is just trying to reorganise and planning ahead.

    Your blog keeps getting better and better Debi, I love reading your writings - it helps to strengthen my faith so thank you xx

  3. must be God's message this year... It's been on Andy and my's mind lately too. Thank you for helping call us to task as well. I really do enjoy your blog, Debi!

  4. Thanks for the reminder Debi! I was going to have us run to JC Penney so I could run in and pick something up from the catalog department while Matt stayed in the car with the girls so I could get in and out more quickly, but reading your post reminded me that the "convenience" mentality we've taken as consumers towards Sundays isn't fair to those who have to work as a result of it, and I should know that better than anyone having worked retail for years and absolutely loathing working on Sundays! Very timely post indeed!