Sunday, January 16, 2011

Starting Simple

As part of my 2011 goals, I wanted to cook more, eat out less. This is the 2nd week that I have typed up a menu and hung it on the fridge. We gather on Sunday evening, and as a family decide what will be on the menu for the following week. At that time, I also write up my grocery list for the week. We also added a bible verse to memorize(Every Day is a Gift inspired). On Monday, I do the grocery shopping. I'm a very visual person, it's such an easy simple thing, but it has totally changed my mentality...I used to basically cave in at the end of the day and order take out because I was too tired and unmotivated to even think about what to feed the family. Now that we have a plan for each day, it's soo much easier and I have everything on hand because I have already done my shopping. It's not the world's fanciest or exotic lineup, but it's family friendly and everyone had input. Someday, I'll try changing things up a bit, but for now, it's just simpler to stick with the tried and trues. One added benefit is that I don't have children constantly asking, "What's for dinner?" I just point at the menu. What makes dinner prep, planning, and shopping easier at your house??


  1. This is great Debi! I sure am enjoying all your updates, please keep it up!!! ;-D I have started doing some meal planning at the beginning of each week as well. Just so I can have in my head what we're doing, can pull stuff out of the freezer to defrost if needed, and just be thinking ahead. It really does help out because I hate having to sit there and be like, "what to fix, what to fix..."

    Have a great (and yummy) week!

  2. I struggle with sticking to a menu. I usually just take it day by day. I have weeks where I am super inspired and really creative all week, then the next week, I have a block and can't think of a thing to cook. I definitely need to know what I making by mid morning, or I'm totally stumped. I usually think about it while I'm working out. I have a sixth sense that I will often make the exact meal that the kids have at school without knowing it. So, I try and always look at their lunch menu before deciding what to make.

  3. Becky, overall, the menu is just a list of ideas with ingredients that I have on hand to use. We don't always eat them in that order, but for me, it is a necessity of encouragement.
    I know the time will come...soon, I am sure, that the menu "honeymoon" will be over, and I will want to come up with my own ideas and try new recipes....and actually that is my bore myself into creativity.....Does that make any sense??

  4. ....And to stop taking the easy way out.