Monday, January 10, 2011

Perspective Irony

Charlie has been sick the last 5 days with a nasty flu bug and he ended up in the ER last night. I think finally tonight he is getting closer to healing, but it's slow going. It breaks my heart to see him so nauseous, achy, and lethargic, the poor kid can hardly sit up without assistance. The irony is that during Christmas when he was actively undecorating the Christmas tree and dragging out all the plastic ware, shoes, blankets, and the recycling...I wished that he could be my sweet little innocent isolated baby again that I could snuggle and love without resistance. Well, it's a little different when the "baby" weighs 30 pounds! I now feel very guilty for wishing such a thing, but now...what I wouldn't give to pick up a little mess or two and see his sweet mischievous grin .


  1. Prayers for your sweet little boy. It is so hard to see our babies sick.

    Don't feel badly about your wish. The grass is always greener...

  2. I will certainly pray for him, and I know exactly how you feel. When the kids are sick, I miss their messes!

  3. Thank you for the prayers!!!