Catholic Art-- Madonna of the Chair

The Kibosh on Gossip

Catholic Art-- Sacred Heart of Jesus

Adoration Instills Hope

Catholic Art-- The Lost Sheep

The Mass of Jesus

Catechesis of The Good Shepherd

Holy Sundays

Totus Tuus


Leaving SEAS

Poetry/ Adoration

Poetry/ Lenten Preparation

Finding Christ

Catholic Art: Blessed Are the Children

Finding Happiness

Miscarriage Prayer

Catholic Art/ San Damiano Cross

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  1. Greetings, I stumbled upon your site, by searching the google pictures of the Vatican.

    I Hope all is well, for I see that it is now four years since you are absent, after you came back. 4 being a complete number. EWNS

    I have decided to share a Site with you also. I became a Catholic at 12, because of music I wanted to join the Drum and Bugle Corp.

    When I left I earned two National Championship, in the Island of Jamaica. Also at a young age I served as vice president for the senior C.Y.O, and held the shield for being the best in the Island.

    This is where my physical service ended at about 16.
    I did not know that I was also called Spiritually, until it was revealed to I, in America, the land of my spiritual birth.

    I will end there and share with you the Site where I share knowledge to those truly seeking, yet still feel an emptiness inside, that can only be quenched with spiritual light.

    Peace and blessings to you and your family, you can always check when I add to the Blog (information) Page