Friday, August 12, 2011

Sara's Floral Fix

 This is Sara. Fabulous Sara. She fixed my St. Dominic Virtue Bouquet. Remember this post? I was never happy with how I arranged it....floral arranging is definitely not a talent of mine.

I saw the beautiful arrangements and tablescapes she had done for my friend, Becky, and I hoped she could help me. And she did!

St. Dominic Savio appeared to
St. John Bosco holding this bouquet.
Each piece is significant of the virtues needed to attain Heaven.
Rose - Love
Violet -  Humility
Sunflower - Obedience
Gentian - Penance and Self Discipline
Wheat - Frequent Communion
Lily - Purity
Evergreen - Constancy and Perseverance

 Boy oh I need this reminder!!
Thank you Sara!!!


  1. I know her! Her sister and I were friends in grade/high school, I spent the night at their house many times. She also did the flowers for one of my friends weddings when she worked at Brown's Botanicals, she really does have a wonderful way with flowers! And I really like the meaning behind the bouquet! Maybe I'll have a similar one done when (if) I get around to decorating our dining room. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. She really knows her business, what a lovely arrangment. Thank you also for the story of st.Dominic. What a lovely way to remember those virtues.