Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy Bags!

Guess what came in the mail today???
There were 29 activities inside, one is missing.
I was very excited and somewhat pleasantly surprised. I think it would be nice to laminate some of the cardstock activities because laminating makes things so much more durable.

I love this pizza felt game!

This is such a cute concept...but I felt it needed a few more pieces.

This is a boys will love it. It's a a matchup counting game.
This is a fabulous activity! On one side of the clothespins is a number and on the reverse the written form.

I'm guessing this is a color sorting game?? No instructions were included.
How cute is this???? This is a perfect bead spooning activity.

I really like the idea of this popsicle color match-up...

The boys will have fun fishing!

Play-doh and a form letters..or numbers.

Roll-a-cise...all my kids will love this one!

Aren't these simple puzzles adorable???
Double Shape Match game...the cards are even laminated!!

I love the pics on this rhyming game.
Yay!! It's laminated!!

So here are the first 15 and these are my favorites. There were some duplications which I didn't anticipate.
It cost $60 to participate...$30 for supplies to make the bags and $15 shipping each way.

Overall, I think it's probably better to try and arrange this locally to save the cost of shipping. 
A group of lovely ladies is having a busy bag swap here in town and I am participating.
 That will be great even with some duplications since I have 2 to preschool this year that will be a little less squabbling.

I love this swapping stuff!! It's great fun to be surprised.


  1. Those activity bags look fun. I can't wait to get the ones for our swap. I just have to say I love laminated activities, I have a scotch laminator and I love it! Stuff holds up so much better when laminated.

  2. Oh yes on the laminating. I cannot imagine giving my children something not laminated. I would feel terrible spending so much time making something that I knew would not last, so totally with you on that one.

  3. Where did you get those? I love the concept!

  4. We just started our Busy Bag preschool...and our first activity went VERY well!!! So as picky as I am, the bags are a hit with Benny and Charlie.

    Michelle, THANK YOU SO MUCH for telling me about the Scotch laminator...guess what!?? I was at Wal-Mart and there was 1 left and do you know what was laying on the shelf right next to it??
    A COUPON FOR $5 off!!! I took that as a sign and snatched it right up!!! Wahoo!! I can laminate at home now!! Bless you Sweetie!!

    Monica, thanks for validating my complaints. I try not to be too negative, but wanted to be honest with my experience.

    Danielle, I saw it on and did the swap through a blogger she highlighted.
    Like I said above, it's a much better deal to try and do it locally..shippings a killer.

  5. Debi... if I were to try to get a group of friends to swap, would you mind if I referenced to your blog for the ideas?

  6. No problem, Danielle...also do a google search for busy bags and all sorts of ideas pop up, many with directions and print-outs for the activities one of the best blogs is Brenda's at:

    If you do a swap, I'd love to see pics of your swap bags!! It really is a blast!