Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Apology

My post about the Busy Bags was ranty and I am sorry, I learned that I offended someone. I really didn't mean to! I was trying to give an honest review. The Busy Bags swaps are awesome, and I still feel that arranging it locally is a great way to save on shipping. I also understand that some people may live in an area where that is not an option, and I do not mean to discourage anyone from participating in a swap.  I admit to having what my Mom refers to as "Goldilocks Syndrome"and  I need to make sure that I don't overly criticize. Taking part in any kind of swap is always going to be a surprise and not everyone has the same standards or expectations and I should have been more tactful in my review.
And so, I am sincerely sorry and I ask forgiveness from anyone I may have offended in my post.


  1. Debi, I thought your review was just fine. It was honest, which is what a review should. There is nothing wrong with not being entirely pleased with something and sharing your opinion in an open and honest way, especially if you are reviewing said item. And for the record, I probably would have said the same things you did had I participated in that swap.. This is your blog, you have the right to say what you want. I have never EVER seen you to be mean or out-right inappropriate on here. I thought your review of the busy bags was a very good one for anyone who might be interested in the concept. Just my humble opinion though...

  2. Thank you, Monica!
    Although I try not to be hurtful, I did manage to hurt someone..and for that I am truly sorry.

    You are a source of comfort, Monica!