Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mantel Makeover

Before: Note the driftwood-esque mantel and mismatched stained and abused brick.
After: We painted the brick in Ashen and Stone Grey, added trim moulding to the mantel and bookshelves and painted them white.

Simple Art: cut up toilet paper tubes into slices(they automatically compress into petal shapes when cut), paint, and glue onto a foam board. Cost - $3.50 including paint.
See the tutorial on MoneySavingMom.

We wanted a traditional yet fresh feel for this room that acts primarily as a piano practice room and homeschool book depository. I wanted to keep the mantel simple and uncluttered. Once the bookshelves dry completely, the clutter will inevitably return.
The total makeover cost was less than $30. We bought the trim at Jabara's Damaged Freight , a couple pieces from Sutherland's, and used a few leftover pieces from previous projects.
The paint is our exterior house paint that we received a partial grant from the city for.
We used hardly any of it, we didn't paint the grout, just the brick.    
The white paint for the mantel and bookshelves we already had from when we moved.
I painted the clock and bought the little bowl and ball set(did you notice they have the same pattern as the "art"?) from Target for >$4.


  1. WOW! What a difference! I know who I will call when I do any remodeling!

  2. cool! I agree-what a difference! how hard was it to paint the brick? I don't like the color of our brick outside.

  3. Erika, painting brick is pretty much the same as painting anything, except that it is more porous than other surfaces, so it may require more paint. It wasn't hard at all...and I don't think it seemed to take too much paint. We will be painting our exterior brick also this fall. When painting exterior brick, it's best to powerwash it and then prime it before painting. Brick has a rougher texture so it tends to hold dirt and debris more firmly than a smoother surface.

  4. Love it! Wishing I had a mantel! Thanks for linking up to the Creative Genius Link Party! I'd love to see you link up again tomorrow!