Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Sometimes I wish....... 
                  But then I realize.......

My husband would be more romantic.
 Working alongside my husband to fix up this place is way better than rose petals on the bed.

I could keep up with the housework.
I am blessed to have a home to clean!

We could have more children without "significant risk".
We already have six healthy gifts from God.

The kids would just stop fighting!!!!!! It's been a long hot summer!
Have kids = Will fight

That almost every house project didn't have to be a discovery of error and mistakes.
We are learning so much and growing in experience.

A "can of worms" was really just a can of worms.
Life is always an adventure...sometimes a messy one.

Someone would have told me that not only does motherhood allow for profound love, but profound teeth are about worn down to the nubbins from all the grittin'.
Profound emotions can lead to self-discovery, and hopefully self-control...or so I hear;)

Weight loss wasn't so painfully slow...ounce by ounce.
The reward is greater when the progress is slow.

Chocolate and cookies were the "good foods".
God's food is more colorful....and of course more healthy.

I could trust that all jobs would be secure.
Life is always an adventure...mostly an unknown one.

People didn't have to suffer so much. My heart aches for those who go through illness, tragedy, or those who are victimized....especially children.
God does have a plan and we don't have to understand it.

The brokenness of my childhood family could be restored.
Sometimes, it's our brokenness that brings us closer to Jesus.

Everyone could "understand" me.
It's not about me. It's not about me. It's not about me.


  1. like this a lot. Good reminders :)

  2. This really is great.

    Glad (glad?) or at least comforted to know I'm not the only one with a teeth-gritting issue. Hmmm...

    Blessings, friend!