Monday, August 8, 2011


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We had a wonderful time at the Midwest Catholic Conference this weekend...except for one short moment.

Sunday afternoon, Don, Eli, Benny, Charlie, and I were wandering up and down the vendor aisles. The other kids were in the children's programs. Of course every few minutes or so, we would start talking to a vendor or a friend would stroll by...lots of distractions.

All of a sudden, I noticed that Benny was not in sight. Don and I decided to split up and look for him.
At first, I wasn't super concerned, I mean this was the CATHOLIC conference, I felt pretty safe here and trusted most everyone. But as the time ticked by and I couldn't find him, I began to become increasingly more concerned......I started to run and as I saw people I knew, I begged them to help me look.

I started to cry and I pray-cried out loud in a very chaotic informal plea..."Please Jesus.....Guardian Angel....St. Anthony....Help....find him!!" Those few short moments felt like an eternity!

I called Don, he didn't answer his phone. I tried a few minutes later, he answered and told me he found him.
He told me he was at the Sacred Heart booth. I went there and they weren't there!! I called him again and he insisted he WAS there. There were 2 sacred heart booths!

I ran to Benny and held him while he sobbed and sobbed and shook like crazy...poor baby!!

I asked Don where he was. He told me he was headed down one of the rows when he saw a boy around the age of 8 holding Benny's hand trying to find me...."a lady with red hair(not quite) wearing a black shirt"(Benny's description of me) ....

I asked Don what the little boy's name was, I wanted to thank him and his family. Don said he was just so glad to see Benny, he thanked the boy, but forgot to ask him for his name.

I thank God for this little boy who saved our Benny....he was Benny's guardian angel in human form!!

Later that night, we sat all the kids down and a good long talk about what to do in case you get lost.....hopefully never again...but it's good to be prepared...I wish we would have done a better job preparing Benny!! God is so good and merciful!


  1. Oh that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scary. If Gemma is even ever out of my sight at a store or something it absolutely terrifies me. I can't imagine how scary that was.

    Here is a sweet little book Benny might enjoy about a penguin who gets lost. They have it at the library (we've checked it out, Gemma LOVES "Pip")

    BLESSINGS and so glad everything turned out alright in the end!!

  2. Oooh! Yikes! Ira got "lost" at Fall Festival in our town last year. I think I blogged about it. He was only gone for a few minutes but I was TERRIFIED! So glad Benny was found safe and sound.

    Last year when we went to the State Fair, we put a piece of paper in Ira's pocket with our names and cell phone numbers on it. We told him if we were to get separated for any reason, he was to go to a booth in a building and give them that paper. Obviously, you hope nothing ever happens that they would need it, but it felt "good" to be prepared.

  3. oh scary! I'm so glad you found him. This is the second angel story you have told me that sent goosebumps all over me! You are so blessed!

  4. Monica, thanks, we'll have to check that out!

    Michelle, it's funny about the paper in the pocket, we did that last year at the conference for the kids in the children's program...but I didn't think of doing that for the ones I had with me!!

    Erika,...I don't know if it was a bona fide angel, but that little boy certainly acted like an angel to Benny!

  5. OH my I would of been crying right along side of you. I know that feeling!!! All is well now.