Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catholic Art Saturday/ St. Dominic's Bouquet

I received some birthday money that I used to make the bouquet, it cost $33 to make, but I am content to have something  to replace our Holy Family statue that was broken. It's a beautiful reminder of our journey.

In a dream of St. John Bosco, St. Dominic Savio appeared with this beautiful bouquet of flowers, each representing the virtues we must have to attain Heaven.

The rose is the symbol of love,

the violet of humility,

the sunflower of obedience,

the gentian of penance and self discipline,

the stalks of wheat for frequent Communion,

the lily of purity,

the sprigs of evergreen of constancy and perseverance."

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  1. So lovely! And I love the spiritual aspect of it... had never heard that before!