Saturday, August 20, 2011

Busy Bags 2!

Here is the second half of the busy bags.
 ^ Picture/Alphabet Match-up

Shape Hunt and Sort

Popsicle stick puzzle

I have who has card game

Memory Game 1

Measure It

Memory Game 2

Bug Counting Card Activity

Sew Much Fun

The Alphabet Game.

Alphabet Match-Up

Pom-Pom Patterns(Benny LOVED this today!!)

Pony Beads & Pipe Cleaners

Sneak Peek: For my in town swap..Snowflake Builder.

  Isn't it lovely??? My new Scotch Thermal Laminator!
                Thanks again, Michelle!


  1. Awesome Debi! I've had have had mine for a few years and love it, if you have a Sam's membership they have a great price on boxes of 200 laminating pouches and they work great. Happy laminating!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Michelle!! I bought a box of 50 at Walmart, so when that runs out, I'll head over to Sams. I was surprised how quick and easy it is to operate...even for me;)

  3. Great chatting with you today, Debi! Thanks for the link to your blog :) Love it! I am anxious to *see* all these preschool games, and pick a few to make up for my littles. So glad you found a fabulous deal on a laminator, too; I have had such fun with mine. One silly thing I enjoy, is making my own bookmarks; I use wallpaper samples or cardstock and stickers, and make up several, then laminate a batch at once. We read so much, and have multiple books in use constantly, so it's helpful to have a stack of fun and seasonal bookmarks on hand. -Danielle

  4. Midnight Mom....oooohhhh, how intriguing!
    Hey, bookmarks...yes we could use a few more of those, we usually use holy cards, but we always run out...hey, I could make my own holy cards!!
    Thanks for the fabulous idea!! I'm off to check out your blog!!