Thursday, August 4, 2011

Race Car Beds

Charlie napping in his new car bed.

The Situation
Our upstairs has been a crowded ,crazy, disordered mass of chaos. There are too many people and not enough bedrooms. We decided to have the 2 oldest boys move down to the lower level and make part of it into a bedroom. This would open up the big bedroom for the 3 youngest boys.

Design Dreaming
I've been giving this quite a bit of thought...decorating wise anyway. The boys all LOVE cars and especially car beds. The reason for their passion is in part due to the "Calvin and Barney" stories.
These are stories I make up every night as I tuck them into bed about 2 brothers who love God and each other very much and who are always respectful to their parents. Well, guess what they have in their bedroom?? They each have a race car bed that they drift off to sleep praying and thanking God for their blessings in. I admit that I have fantasized about designing a very cute Race Car themed room for them.
My biggest problem was buying the race car beds. They are expensive. Even on craigslist they are pricey.

This thing is HUGE!!
Amazing Blessing
Don spied a blue toddler Little Tikes race car bed and Sealy mattress being thrown away at the curb of a house down the street. He asked the policeman who lived there if he was really throwing it away. The man said he was. Don offered him some money and he declined. Then he told Don that if he could come back later, he could have a twin size black race car bed also. He was cleaning out his boys' room to make way for a bunk bed and he didn't want to have to mess with the race car beds. They are in excellent condition.

Weird or Wonderful
So here I am kind of bewildered and happy and feeling just... well...strange about the whole thing. I mean really??? For free??? This is crazy isn't it?? But a good crazy. I don't think that I ever prayed for this...I mean it's certainly not a need or anything. I am very thankful though and even as I type this, it's still doesn't seem real. Don and I decided to send the family gift certificates and a photo of the kids enjoying their new beds.
Thank you Jesus for giving us yet another UNEXPECTED and UNDESERVED blessing! One more blessing is rain! We have been begging/praying/pleading for rain. Thank thank you our Loving God!!!


  1. This post makes me so happy! I love it when things like that happen. Especially when you aren't expecting it. Those beds are awesome!

  2. So cool! What a blessing. That is very exciting for you family!!!

  3. Very cool Debi! Your boys look very excited :)

  4. oh wow! That is a blessing!

  5. by the way the black bean burgers came out great!

  6. New to your blog..
    Looks like fun. I think you should write a children's book series about "Calvin and Barney" - the Adventures of the Race Car Boys. :)

  7. Fun! I've also thought of doing this for Nicholas and James but right now I like that him and Alaina share the bunk beds. That's awesmome you got those for free! (you sure he's a police man not a man running from the police right? ;)
    Do your boys sleep any better with those race car beds?

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