Friday, March 25, 2011

Self Taught

Charlie has been independently potty training...except when he asks for help wiping...toilet seats??...who needs em, when you can sit on the dirty ice cold rim??

Call me ungrateful, but I planned on waiting until later in the Spring to potty train him. I still have a full size box of diapers to use up and it's easier when the weather is warmer...he can just wear a t-shirt and underwear to keep things simple. Oh well, it's best just to go with the flow...literally!


  1. Sign me up for self taught potty training, that's awesome. On a side note my 7 year old still must do #2 while sitting on the toilet rim, drives me crazy.

  2. I am terribly jealous. My little Mary doesn't seem to get even the idea of the potty.

  3. Josette, he is the 1st kid to even want to sit on the "big" potty...he just doesn't know there is a potty chair. The crazy thing is, that he is more interested in pooping than peeing on the toilet..the plopping sound is very motivational to him.