Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lent with Kids

At our house, Lent is very simple. I have gleaned ideas from many different blogs, so I apologize in advance for not giving credit where credit is due...but a big THANK YOU to those who posted about Lent prep, because I have been inspired by you!

Prepare- Crown of thorns- We have done this in past years and it has been something that we have been able to stick to for most of Lent. We use a large piece of paper and draw a crown of thorns and as we do a good deed, we draw a flower on a thorn. Each person has their own color. In the past, just the kids have participated, but Don and I are going to join them this year. By Easter, the crown has been transformed into a wreath of flowers.

Almsgiving- For each day of Lent, we will find a non-perishable food item from the pantry to share with the needy at our parish's food pantry...Thanks Josette!

Prayer- We will continue our normal family prayers with a Lenten focus, and try to attend Stations of the Cross every week.

Scripture Reading- We will continue reading the Bible and I am loving "Walking with God"...Thank you to Michelle and Kelly! It's the perfect companion to reading the Bible...I am learning so much!!

Everyday Activities- I found this really cool blog with some print out ideas: Catholic Mom

Fasting- In addition to the regular fasting, we will not eat after 8PM...this is a BIG deal for the kids, as they always have a bedtime snack....and so do we.

Nothing too spectacular, but simple is the ONLY thing that works for my family....mostly due to my lack of organizational abilities.


  1. who is the author of "Walking with God"?. I see several books with the same title on amazon.

  2. Josette, Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins...I ordered the wrong one at's made to be a campanion book to The Great Bible Adventure bible study...but it's perfect for reading the bible on your own.

  3. LOVE the crown of thorns idea. Sure do wish I knew about it when the boys were little!