Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rosary Encouragement

I absolutely 100% agree with this post and wanted to share Josette's wisdom.

You don't have to look further than the front page of the newspaper to find reasons to pray! Let us especially remember the poor people in Japan right now!
 I want to encourage you to keep persevering with your family rosary.

You will have days or months of little ones fidgeting. You just will!

You will have kids roll their eyes when the rosary time is announced! This is usually when they are teenagers, so it's best to start this tradition at a young age to avoid this.

You will have some kids that say the rosary super loud or super soft or super fast or not at all! (remind them to pray consistently)

You might be the only spouse with the children praying. (more the reason to pray)

You might have babies that want to climb all over you, decide to nurse, not to nurse, to nurse, not to nurse!!

You will have a case of the thirsties, case of the "I really need to go to the bathroom" (when just minutes before the rosary started everyone was running around).

The phone will ring. (ignore it if you can and let the machine take care of it). Someone's diaper will explode (change it quickly and hurry back!).

Soccer practice, ballet practice, dinner, and such will add to the chaos. Find the time, it really is only 15 can do it! :)

You might think your kids are too young to sit still for that long? Well, can they sit quietly and watch a video for 15 minutes? I am sure then they can look at a rosary booklet or just sit quietly for 15 minutes. If you start now, it will become a life long habit.

And as you try to keep everyone focused, you will lose your focus (that's okay, you are training them!)

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