Saturday, March 19, 2011

Master in Art~Cherry Blossoms

Don was giddy over the blue walls. I'm more of a pinkish sort of we compromised. I get to use plenty of pink accents. The wall panels are functional, because they are actually sound absorbing. Our room has funky acoustics, we figure it's because there are no windows, just a patio door that leads to a deck. Anyway, it has major echo issues that drive us both crazy. We found an online video of how to make them. It's very simple, just take a 1X3 cut it into 18"X30" segments and screw together, insert foam, and cover with fabric. This was another frugal project. We had a few dollars left on our Sutherlands store credit bonus, so we were able to buy the 1X3s, they are only $1.69. The foam we had leftover from the dining room bench project a few years back. The material is actually a shower curtain that we had. It's from the same Shabby Chic collection at Target as our bedding. We even had enough fabric leftover to recover the bench seat and dresser lamp. We have a few other projects in the works for decorating the rest of the room. Did I mention that I LOVE cherry blossoms???? I used to live in the burbs of D.C. after securing a job following graduation. It was amazing to watch the cherry blossoms bloom and transform the city into an ethereal pink nirvana. I imagine Heaven will be filled with cherry blossoms.
We couldn't function without
our staple gun!

Cherry Blossoms along the Potomac river.


  1. I want to copy this EXACT project! Going to see the Cherry blossoms at peek time in DC is on my bucket list of life to dos! I really think I am going to see if I can find this shower curtain. Hope you don't mind! :)
    You are your money saving home ideas have been awesome! Go you guys, and thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow Debi I love seeing your home projects, you definitely have an eye for design. Looks great!

  3. wow! You continue to amaze and inspire. I'm also thinking cherry blossoms with our blue and hope to paint this Love Birds for our bedroom:

  4. very cute.....You have the best decor ideas...truly!

  5. Holly, of course, I don't mind!! Sometimes the tighter the budget, the more creative we get!

    Erika, that is a great idea...I like it!! It reminds me of this piece I have loved since I first laid eyes on it,
    But I know I couldn't duplicate it, and it's crazy expensive!

    Thank you, Michelle and Josette!!

  6. Ok, Erika...that link is defective, here is the proper one.

    Holly, here is the link to the Target shower curtain.
    It's out of stock online, but I have seen it in the store. You may already know, if you sign up for Target's debit card, you get 5% off every purchase...and bring your own reusable bag and another 5 cents off for each one.

  7. LOVE the cherry blossom art! I want to do something similar in our bedroom when we decorate in there (though we don't need the sound-proofing). There's a lot of wall space, and since we don't want to paint, it's up to art to fill the space!

  8. Nicole and Holly, you don't need to put the foam in at all, just wrap the fabric around the frame and staple it on.