Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Salvage Redo/Backyard Project

After Redo

Before Redo
I think this will do. I was worried before that too much black might pull the light out of the room, but I think it actually helps unify it. Erika inspired me to add a few love birds and I changed the font style and size of the letters. What do you like better, Before or After?

When we first went to look at our house when it was on the market, I had no idea it had a pool, or I would have never looked at it in the first place. The house, however, was perfect for us and listed for the exact price we could afford within our means. At first, we didn't know what to think, do, or plan for the pool. We thought very hard and with great hope about keeping it...we imagined lounging by the pool in the summer and heck maybe even in the spring and early fall, having pool parties and barbeques. The first thing we did was to call a few pool companies to come over and give us estimates and look over the damage done by neglect. We learned it needed both a new liner and cover and some other improvements. The total bill would run close to $10,000. We simply didn't have the money to keep it. Also, the more we thought about it, the more we realized how big a project it would be each year to maintain it. So we sadly said goodbye to our hopes and jumped in with both feet back to reality. Filling it in, is a quite a project itself. All in all after renting a jack hammer to break up the concrete and removing the liner, cover and metal...still need to remove some more, and it will require 5 loads of fill sand and about 2 loads of topsoil, it will cost @ $800-$1,000, it would be more if we had to rent a bobcat. My WONDERFUL Aunt and Uncle and cousins were generous enough to bring their bobcat over and they helped get 20 tons of sand into the pool.
Our deadline to fill it in is in May, based on the permit. The kids can't wait to be able to play in the backyard. I will post a final update after it's been completed...just didn't want to leave ya hangin' til then;) case you missed it on the rear

Unpooluting the Backyard


  1. Love the backyard project, I think we would have made the same decision as you did.

    I LOVE the new print. The birds are adorable and its definitely better in black. It seemed a bit too pink before and the black tones it down. Could you possibly make the pink a bit deeper like the flowers to the right of it on those cute panels? It really amazes me how artistic and crafty you are :) It's a beautiful, loving calm bedroom.

  2. Ooooo... I really like the birds! And I agree with Eloise on toning the pink down a bit for a "perfect" match (I think you had mentioned something along those lines in the original post about the frame), but it looks great as is - very professional looking! If you hadn't told us you did it yourself I would have guessed you had picked it up at a store somewhere!

    Good luck on the pool fill-in. My brother-in-law did the same thing for my in-laws with the help of his best friend the summer after they graduated college. The only difference was they did the whole thing with wheelbarrows and shovels!

  3. Eloise and Elizabeth, I actually did match the pink to the main pink in the panels, but it doesn't show up in the pics very well...but I'm willing to try another pink...maybe it would crisp it up a bit...Thanks so much for your suggestions! Elizabeth, it's not that professional looking in person...I need to get a new base to apply the silouette and's getting pretty chewed up from all the sticking and unsticking. On the pool project, the first load of sand went in the traditional manner...but we aren't exactly in the same shape as a few fresh grads!! If my Aunt and Uncle hadn't offered their bobcat, that's just how we planned to do everything.

  4. Ahhh, I like the redo on the picture a lot. It looks really good, Debi. I bet you feel better about it when you walk in the room now (and I know exactly the feeling of which you spoke in your comment to Erika ;-D)

    Aw, and here I thought you were building a beach in your backyard all this time. I'm so disappointed, I had been daydreaming lots of wonderful seaside dreams. HA! Good luck, looks like a big project but how exciting when you're all finished!

  5. People think we're crazy for filling in our pool, but in our family, it was the only way to go. All costs and workload aside, I couldn't live with the thought that someone could drown in my backyard. I would never have been able to relax. I'm not anti pool for other people, but the burden was just too great for me.

  6. Monica, yes, it's sad....I was especially excited about the yachting possibilities;)

    Becky, as each load goes into the pool, I get less and less nervous about having that giant hole in my backyard. Peace of mind is priceless.

  7. Ooo, I like that! But I'm kind of obsessed with bird themes. It does help to tone down the words though and put them in a better focus.

    Yeah $800-$1000 MUCH better than $10,000! Not to mention how much it would cost you to keep it up!

    What a blessing to have that Bobcat. I bet the boys love watching it! Can I bring Nicholas over to watch? ;)