Friday, March 18, 2011

Frugal Master Bedroom Makeover

Dresser After

Before Dresser and Bedroom Before
This has probably been one of the most rewarding projects because it was so easy and we paid next to nothing. The furniture distressed antique paint kit was $5 and it was enough to do all the furniture with a little left to spare. I am so happy with how the furniture turned out and since it's a distressed finish, if it gets a little dinged up...just means it's got more character. I also spray painted the hardware in a silver metallic. The wall paint I purchased with our Friends and Family credit at Sutherlands(a really great program, where you earn 5% back on all purchases in store credit!) and the trim we had from months ago we purchased at Jabara's Damaged Freight for $2 a stick. I don't have very many before pics of the room except for the Dresser Before pic...outdated green, gold and red wallpaper. We are still working on the artwork and decor. The paint color is a steel blue, a custom color I had matched to the bedding, but it turned out a little more grey than the bedding, but I like it better that a happy oops. The clock, I will use to store my jewelry instead of the old dresser top box.

Infamous Grocery Budget Buster Clock

Before Headboard at our old house


After Headboard

Close up of wall color


  1. you certainly have an eye for this!!! I am just staring at your befores/afters and loving it! I have been a bit down lately looking around our home. IT's getting a bit messy school looking...used look. I need to do something.

  2. I love it! Great minds think alike, our bedroom color is the same as your new one! I didn't paint our dresser like yours but did decorate it with picture frams in the same way. I actually really like the clock. Maybe it was just a little tiny bit worth it. Kind of ironic though as it will be there not only to tell you what time it is but to remind you of how precious our time is and what we do with it, every second, matters in the end. ;)

  3. Beautiful! I really like the wall color, and the furniture turned out fantastic!

  4. Josette, I hear you..our dining and living rooms look like a paper mill! It is amazing how just paint can totally change a room. You have a very good excuse not to do anything for awhile, though;)

    Erika, I would love to see your upstairs sometime!!

    Thanks Elizabeth!!

  5. i'll try and clean it up next time it's CM and you can see it if you come a little early :) Usually the kids are in bed by 8.