Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It is impossible to......

expect a group of more than 3 children to be quiet for more than 10 minutes...except possibly at Mass...and even that is pushing it sometimes.

reason with a toddler

make a meal that everyone likes

love without sacrifice

have a clean house for more than 20 minutes...unless we leave

not to be grossed out by vomit, poo, or snot

keep up with the laundry

have enough patience

to exercise self-control in the presence of chocolate

give birth to a van load of children and retain a figure

not edit my blog posts at least 2X

go through one day without at least 2 spills of some kind

laugh when you want to cry

ever get enough sleep

pray enough

love enough

be thankful enough

control what a child eats

learn enough

keep the entryway picked up

potty train without accidents

ever have all the answers

have enough vacation time

get our household projects completed

stick to a budget everyday

not find legos in every room

get everything done

There are probably many more, but it was impossible for me to come up with all of them!


  1. Ha! Love this! And I agree with every single one of those... except for the Lego's one! We haven't introduced Lego's to our household yet! Good to know others feel this way - I know I sure do!

  2. I. Love. This.
    Debi, you are so cool. This really is awesome, and sooooooooo true.

  3. Oh how true, except I don't find legos, I find plastic army men.

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