Saturday, February 12, 2011

Father Patrick Reilley The Saint

Today Don was driving downtown back to the post office where he works as a postal carrier. He noticed a jogger standing on the corner waiting for the light to change. As the jogger stood waiting, a car, driving too fast came by and drenched the jogger in muddy snowy sludge. What did the jogger do?? Nothing! He didn't shake an angry fist, he didn't mutter obscenities, he didn't even make an angry expression. He just humbly tried to wipe the sludge off of himself.  Don thought to himself..."Wow, this guy must a saint or something." As he drove closer to the jogger, he noticed it was our former parishioner and Associate Pastor of the Cathedral, Father Patrick Reilley. Father Reilley probably doesn't know what a wonderful example he set, but we do! It's not the big dramatic public displays that will change the world, it's the little acts of kindness, humility, and love that do change souls. It's such a great reminder to never underestimate the power of example. God bless our wonderful priests!!! If you read this, say a prayer for Father Reilley to be extra blessed and for all our beloved priests.  
 "If we had faith, we would see God hidden in the priest like a light behind glass, like wine mixed with water."
~St. John Vianney


  1. This really put a smile on my face...a prayer for Father Patrick is on its way :)

  2. Wow. Definitely a prayer of thanks for priests like Father Patrick!

  3. beautiful. wonderful.
    what a fine example he was, and he probably didn't even realize it.

  4. wow, and he doesn't even know that God used him as an example for Don, you and now all of us who read this!
    Everything we do, even when we don't think anyone is watching, counts.
    This reminded me of a time when I was at Tiller's abortion clinic with our high school group and a big truck purposefully drove close the the road where there was mud/sludge and made it get all over us.
    I wish I could say we acted like Fr. Riley but we were highschoolers and still learning how to say the word, humility'.