Friday, February 18, 2011

Good Reads??

I admit that I don't always like to read the same books over and over to my kiddos(although I do it) and our books are getting quite worn, tattered, and pages are missing. I am in the market for some new ideas for books that kids enjoy. What are some good books for kids ages 2-7?  Any favorites that your kids ask to be read to again and again?? My goal is to make a list and look for good used copies at garage sales and thrift stores.


  1. We've checked "May I Bring a Friend?" out from the library and I think it is just absolutely adorable. Fun to read. I'll holler if I think of more.
    I always loves me some Seuss as well.

    Gemma really enjoys the Little Bear books too.
    and they are great for early readers.

    GOOD LUCK! I'll check back, I'm always up for suggestions as well.

  2. Let's see....

    (well, I do love Ferdinand the bull:)

    Here are some we enjoy;

    1. Berestain bears
    2. curious george books
    3. Little house
    4. Great illustrated classics
    5.Littlestories for little folks by nancy nicholson
    6. DR. seuss
    7. Amelia Bedelia
    8. Matilda
    9.Charlie and the chocalte factory
    10. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    11. They love the old Fairy tales

    For this age range at least (1-6yrs old!)
    You might want to join !!! Good deals there!

  3. Thanks for the awesome suggestions, the ones we don't already have are going on my list. Josette, I'll have to look into cathswap...I know lots of people who use it, but I never have.
    This is a great start.