Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Easy Part

For the last several nights, Benny has been waking up in the night and wandering into our room and so our queen sized bed is now holding 4 occupants. I don't have to explain that Don and I are a little deprived of adequate rest. It was 3am Saturday morning, Don had to get up and bring Benny into our bed because he wouldn't stop crying from a bad dream, Don was so frustrated and exasperated, because we had just put Charlie back to sleep 5 minutes before, he complained..."We'll NEVER get any sleep!!" And I sleepily said..."This is the easy part." He retorted..."What!?!" I said again, "It's the easy part, we know where they are and we can hold them and comfort them and keep them safe close to won't be like that when their grown and we won't be sleeping then because we will wonder and worry about you see, it's the easy they are." He actually never heard me after the first few words because he had already drifted back to sleep. I laid there and thought about our crowded little bed and I could hear the other kids breathing and tossing in their rooms right across the hall and I had such a feeling of warmth and love for each of them and I thanked God for the "easy part".

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  1. Oh, that is such a sweet post...and so true. Enjoy hearing those little breaths!