Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow, The Capitol, and Singing..Oh My!!

 We had planned to go to our capitol, Topeka, to support a house bill and represent our submitted testimony. We didn't plan on a snowstorm. We really deliberated about going...I didn't want to risk it with the kids, so we prayed and Don even drove around to try and decide if we should even try. After he returned, we decided it should be alright. A few miles after leaving our city, the snow really started to blow and visibility was very limited. The thing that was most concerning was the semi-truck drivers' recklessness.We witnessed 3 near accidents that I believe our pleading to God at that moment prevented. It's been a looong time since I have been so worried and on the edge of my seat. Once we were about half-way, things cleared up and we made it safe and sound. Unfortunately, our hearing was cancelled due to a lengthy prior session, so mostly due to the weather and to attend the hearing that was rescheduled for the next day, we spent the night. I was so bummed and depressed....this was the last place I wanted to be!! The snow was coming down and we were stuck in a hotel room with 6 kids who had spent part of the day in the car and another part of the day wandering around government buildings. And to top it off, the hotel had a swimming pool, but we had NO swimming suits! The kids were all great sports though, and we made the most of the evening. We bought a card game at Walmart called "Would you Rather", it's an odd game, but the kids loved it. For the first time, I saw the effects of no television. We thought the kids would love to watch tv, but after about an hour, they turned it off and told us they were bored!! Are these My kids?? Instead we completely explored the hotel, prayed for safety and our house bill, read the bible(Gideon's isn't quite the same!!) and the check-in clerk treated the kids to juice,bananas, pens and paper. The next day was MUCH better, my mood lifted as the sun began to shine. We had a wonderful tour of the capital, complete with the famous singing tour guide. Our hearing was a blessing to witness, our 2 beautiful ladies that gave testimonies, were AMAZING!!! God cleared our paths that day both at the Capitol and the roads as we travelled home. I am so very happy to be blogging this from my very warm, albeit loud, home sweet home.


  1. Beautiful post, I love days like this, always expect the unexpected!

  2. i'm just now getting around to reading this! Thank you for being there. Your family brought us much hope and peace--yes I said peace!
    One of my favorite parts of the trip was walking into the room where your family was singing the state song. It brought some much-needed reality to the day!