Friday, February 11, 2011

Kitchen Update...Again!

AFTER>>Kitchen today

BEFORE>>Here is the original kitchen.

After >  a mini paint makeover right after we moved in.
There is progress happening in our kitchen, but it's slow going!
All the cabinets on this side of the kitchen are done...just need to swap out the hinges for European invisible hinges. I love the chocolate brown walls with the cream colored cabinets, and on the soffit above the cabinets and above the countertop on this wall only, we put up wallpaper with stripes of chocolate brown to cover up really bad walls and wallpaper that was previously painted over several times, that for the life of me couldn't take off without having to re-sheetrock. We didn't do the faux granite on this countertop since it had been updated and actually goes with the granite look we've already done. I would like to put something pretty on the counter...but it just ends up being in my way, or it gets splattered with food. To keep things super affordable, we used the existing flat panel cabinets, we trimmed them out with a frame made with 2.5 inch moulding and added a panel of beadboard in the center and then gave it a coat of primer and creamy paint. We also bought 2 base cabinets to put where the curtains used to be..I hated those curtains there!! Someday, I will post the entire kitchen completed..I promise, I just need to post little updates to prove to myself that...yes there is progress and we are beginning to see a transformation.


  1. Just beautiful! I cannot imagine the pleasure you both must feel from seeing all that hard work and those ideas come to fruition in such a lovely kitchen, well done!

  2. I added a few more before pics...didn't get a chance to earlier..I got interrupted;)

  3. Love the door handles! Hopefully someday I'll get my cabinets replaced. *sigh*

  4. Thanks Eloise and Mary! It's been a rather slow build up, Eloise. Mary the handles are the best part because we found them for $1 each at a damaged freight store. At the regular hardware stores they were between $6-12 each!

  5. wow. just wow. Can I hire you guys? ;)
    I actually like our kitchen cabinets but am not satisified with the paint color in the kitchen.