Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catholic Art Saturday

The Lost Sheep   ~    Alfred Soord (1868-1915)

Pope Benedict XVI called artists, "custodians of beauty" and a group of 260 of them gathered in the Sistine Chapel in November 2009 at his invitation and he called them to" be heralds and witnesses of hope for humanity."

Itty Bitty Good Shepherd

I have always loved art, although I can't always remember who painted what, when, where, how, or in what medium.  Art is meant to inspire us to greatness because God is Beauty and Truth itself and is a reminder of Him. I hope you enjoy this little Saturday solo gallery. My hope is also to remember a few of these works and their artists to offset my forgetfulness. I chose The Lost Sheep because I have really been thinking about The Good Shepherd lately. Earlier in the week, one of the littles, broke my Holy Family statue and I went to the Goodwill searching for something to replace it.  I found a little statue of The Good Shepherd, it's so small and hardly fits the ample space left by it's previous tenant, but still, it's a constant reminder of our Lord's love and devotion.

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