Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pipe Cleaners and Pony Beads

We are so excited to be participating in our first Busy Bag Swap! My project is create a bag with pipe cleaners and pony beads along with an idea sheet. If you have any other ideas be sure to comment below...please???
 Here's what I came up with from searching the web:
Sculptures using an empty spice shaker or mount on clay or play-doh.


Christmas Tree..or any kind of about an apple tree??

Decade Rosaries

DNA Model

Heart Flower
We can't wait to get receive our 30 activities...Benny, Charlie, and I will be doing an informal preschool with the busy bags.
People and Animals
 A Rainbow
Look at all these cute ideas just with pipe cleaners:





Benny, Charlie, and I just can't wait to receive our busy bags to start our informal preschool!!


  1. I've been wanting to start accumulating craft items like these to keep us busy in the afternoons, and this post just makes me want to do it even more! Thanks for finding and sharing all the cute ideas!

  2. Those are some really cute ideas. I know Annika would love these projects, she is my crafty one.