Thursday, July 7, 2011

1 Year Later

4th of July Block Party
 We moved into our neighborhood 1 year and 2 months ago. We didn't know anyone on our block.
We noticed that most of the houses were occupied by older than us people. We never saw a child for the first few weeks. My kids were sad because previously our neighborhood was overflowing with kiddos.
Watching the fireworks

Flash forward to now. We met a wonderful family with 2 children across the street, my good friend and her family with 4 children moved in with 1 house between us, we met a homeschool family around the corner with 5 children and our 4 families planned and executed our first ever 4th of July Block Party. The kids drew patriotic pictures and we made invitations and taped them to all our neighbors' doors. We had over 50 people come and enjoy the celebration. We had a nice variety of ages, some of the older neighbors were so happy to have something to do and told us how much it meant to them.
A neighborhood is a like a human garden full of varying images of God. What a blessing!!
Several neighbors mentioned that we need to make this a bi-annual event....get ready for Oktoberfest!!

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  1. That is really neat Debi. What a blessing to be building this connection in your neighborhood.