Thursday, July 14, 2011

No-Sew Curtains

After: New blinds, tailored valances, vibrant contrasting's hard to see, but there are brilliant pops of green in the paisely swirls that is the perfect shade of our walls which are painted in Peeled Cucumber.
I love the way it pulls the wall color, brown blinds, and leather furniture all together.
Before: Broken shades, mismatched poofy valances, monochromatic colors

To make the no-sew valances, I
traced the kitchen curtain on the right, onto my fabric, cut it out, trimmed it with brown scrolly trim applied with Aleene's No-Sew Fabric Glue and glued the top seam also. You'll be shocked to hear that I hot-glued it right onto the rod..yep...I'm lazy like that.....besides who's gonna know??...sshhh!

Scrolly Trim

 I just have to finish the rest. I will also be "real sewing" the window seat cushion and make some pillows for the living room furniture in the contrasting fabrics below.You can see the small window on the far right has a blue bar at the top...when I ordered the blinds online from Home Depot, the only size they had(on sale for 75% off!!! cost was $1.74 with free shipping!!!!) was a little we improvised and just added a piece of wood painted on the outside to blend with the frame. Since the valances will come down to cover it, it's a non-issue.

The dining room window with the new blinds patiently waiting for the valance.

The Rohr version of a Veggie Tale..Benny the French Fry, playing in a blinds box.
Don and I had been very frustrated with the broken shade situation. After months of angst, I finally remembered to pray about it. That night I couldn't sleep and prayed to Jesus and St. Anthony to help me come up with an affordable solution.
The very next morning, what should I happen to see...Home Depot clearanced out their Bali blinds to 75% off including FREE SHIPPING!!! I thanked the Lord and St. Anthony and called to celebrate with Don. And...I had been saving up my mystery shop money to buy the new fabric for the window treatments and that fabric was 50% off. Wahoo!! I'm trying to sell the poofy valances on if you're in the market...
The beautiful fabrics
Praise be to God and Thank you St. Anthony!!!


  1. even more impressive! Wow you never cease to amaze, Debi!

  2. Rockisshell, those are great...I may have to try a no-sew version of that for my dining room...hmmmmm???