Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Few More Favorite Things

My cup. Don surprised me one day with it..I had been eyeing his...only thing is, I don't drink coffee, but it's PERFECT for my water and fits like a glove in the van's cup holder.

Our DIY Pottery Barn inspired coat hook's great for all my different activity totes..just grab and go.

This is currently Charlie's favorite book, it rhymes and features trucks and trains. He gets so tickled when I read it to him he just giggles.

I got this free from Viewpoints. Although, I would never buy it..I really like it. All it does is add a fresh scent to your laundry. I like adding it to my rugs, towels, blankets, and sheets because the scent lasts for weeks. I noticed walking into the bathroom that it just smelled fresher...remember we have 5 boys..2 still at the "dribbling and misfire" age.
We have collected a few David E. Doss art pieces over the years. We have this one hanging in our downstairs "beach" bathroom. It reminds me of our Florida vacations.

We have been having fun with this game lately,Hannah and I played for 2 hours yesterday. It's just like regular monopoly except American-ized. Actually, if you're not careful you may just learn some history...sshhh...don't tell my kids they think it's just fun;)

Oh my fan, my glorious fan, how would we survive this heat without you??
So, what are some of your favorites? Art? Organization? Scented things? Games? Ways to keep cool?


  1. we must have been thinking the same way last night. :) I love all your favorites. I especially love it when my kids have a favorite book that is sure to please them even after the 100th time.

  2. THis is a great post, I need to do something like this sometime.

    Let's see though...
    I'll second you on the wall-hooks, they (and my shoe organizer) make my very tiny mudroom a sane place.

    Did I mention the shoe organizer?

    My drying rack.

    My baking stone.

    and these days the KIDDIE POOL!!!


  3. favorite things...hmmmm cherry pitter (wink) lemon cupcake scented candle
    3. Watching "Monk" on dvd changing convenient everything at my finger tips
    5. Windex...I can clean the whole bathroom with it.

  4. Erika..isn't that the cracks me up how many times both Benny and Charlie will sit and listen to the same book!!
    Monica, what do you bake on your stone??
    Josette, what is a changing station??

  5. Great list Debi! It would take me a while to think of my favorite things, but off the top of my head I'd say my 10qt. stock pot and my bed (which I don't get to spend nearly as much time in as I'd like! The bed, not the stock pot.)

    As far as my kiddos go, coloring books, crayons and recently markers have been indispensable around here. And these are a few of our favorite books, all ones I found at the Westlink library that we liked so well that I added them to our own collection
    Is Your Mama a Llama by Deborah Guarino
    Jamberry by Bruce Degen
    Incredible Me by Kathi Appelt

  6. Thanks Elizabeth, I'll have to check those books out for Benny and Charlie...I'm always in the market for different books;)