Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy with Ulta

I's a weird pic..I was trying to get the other
side and a some of the back...oh well...And also
the pic doesn't give the style and cut justice...sorry!
If only I had longer arms...
  About once a year, I splurge on my hair. I always wait until I find the "best" deal.

This year an Ulta store opened in New Market Square and they have a fabulous special. Haircut and Style.. $20!!

 You can add highlights for an additional $40...that's what I did and I really LOVE LOVE it!!

My stylist was Sheneice and she gave me $20 off referral cards to anyone who wants one...let me know if you are interested.

Also, if you sign up for Ulta's Beauty Club(which is FREE) you get these lovely free samples.


  1. beautiful! I need a haircut desperately. I'd like to go soon, i might even try and go today. would I still be able to use the 20 off if it's already discounted?

  2. Erika, I bet it only applies to "regular prices", which is $45, so you would be better off going soon for just $20. If you go to Sheneice...tell her I sent you..I think I get a coupon or something for referring?? I'm sure they have some openings..they just opened yesterday!

  3. One more thing...If you want to stop by and pick up the are welcome to can try and see if they will honor it??

  4. i made an appnt for today at 4. I'm not sure I would have time to come get it b/c we have adoration from 2-3 and so I'll have to drop the kids off at home first and then your house, which i've still never been to-I'd hate to just come and go! i just want a simple haircut, no color or anything.

  5. Hey Erika, the $20 off card says, "Cannot be combined with other salon discount offers." So , I think it would be cheaper just paying the grand opening price of $20!! Did you ask for Sheniece?? Let me know how it goes....

  6. I went! Ahhhh. much better. Sorry I didn't get to go with Sheneice and get you that coupon.

  7. oh...that looks great!! I kept thinking in my hhead you were a redhead...hee hee. Because your family picture is it black and white.

    I will have to check out an Ulta around here.

    anywho...very lovely and I have cheekbone envy with you :)