Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pasta Pouring

 Benny and Charlie were delighted to discover this work. This refinement of movement activity begins with Mommy demonstrating how to hold the empty cup resting on the plate while the other hand carefully picks up the pasta filled cup and pours it quietly, carefully, and slowly until the empty cup is full. It would probably work better not to use tended to get tangled up and was a tad frustrating to the boys. Once they start getting sloppy, it's time to put it away.
A Montessori activity


  1. i love simple things like this.

  2. Looks fun. I have been getting ready to introduce some early Montessori to Zane. Annika loved to spoon rocks from one bowl to the other when she was little, or other things like pouring, and tweezing objects.

  3. Hey Michelle, a few other activities to do are leaf polishing with a Q-tip and water, real silver/metal polishing, sweeping, and making a clothes line with little felt clothes with clothes pins tie the line between chairs so you can adjust the height. Thanks for the spooning ideas and tweezing...I am discovering that Benny and Charlie try to kill each other less when they have constructive "work" to do.