Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catholic Art Saturday/ A Quiet Moment

 My friend, Simplemama and I went to a health fair at a hotel yesterday.  Scattered throughout the hotel were bronze statues by artist Timothy P. Schmalz. I was very moved by a unique yet tender rendition of the Holy Family in his piece called, "A Quiet Moment". If you live in Wichita, you can see his art at the Best Western hotel on W. Kellogg...really;)
A Quiet Moment by Artist Timothy P. Schmalz

 "I describe my sculptures as being visual prayers. When I create a three dimensional sculpture in bronze I am quite aware that it will last longer than myself. I realize I am between two things that are much more durable than myself: Christianity and bronze metal. It is between these that I have developed a subtle appreciation for what Saint Francis meant by instrument." Timothy P. Schmalz

Mother Theresa

Blessed Pope John Paul II

St. Vincent de Paul


  1. I actually have a small version of "A Quiet Moment", but mine is white. I also was incredibly moved by the piece. So much so that when I saw it I bought it as a wedding gift for some friends and also bought the one that we have on our bookshelf. Such a beautiful reflection of the holy family!

  2. i'm so glad you posted this. Now I can think about these images instead of some other "interesting" things we saw there. I've always really loved the Quiet Moment statue and visit it often at Holy Trinity. One day I'd like to get it for Steve (though it would honestly be more for me!). :)

  3. That's cool Elizabeth..I bet it's beautiful in white!

    Yes, Erika, this is what I choose to remember too;) I've never noticed it at Holy Trinity before..I'll have to keep an eye out next trip.