Friday, September 2, 2011


 For the first time in our marriage, we are without a pet. It's not by choice....

 Our dog, Cherry, died last year.
And more recently, both of our cats, Callie and Nellie, have disappeared without a trace.

 Don and I are sad. The kids are sad. We've had them for about 5 years. We adopted them from the humane society. They are outside/garage cats because of our allergies, but we keep them comfy and well fed.

The silly kitties wouldn't leave their collars on, but they each have a microchip that identifies us as the owners.

One of their favorite hangouts was on the bench(Callie in the above pic) on the front porch.
Every time I glance outside, I sigh, no sweet kitties sunning themselves or snuggling together.

We have looked for them, we've asked neighbors, we've hung posters, I listed them on craigslist's lost and found... and of course, we've prayed..often for them to come home.

 Maybe some loving person has taken them in thinking they have no home???
The kids are sure they are coming back at any given moment.
It's been over a week now since they've been missing, my hope is about worn out.

Dearest St. Anthony, help us please find our cats.

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