Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hand Sewn Window Seat Cushions

As I type this with prickified fingers and a sigh of relief, I have finished the window seat cushions!!! Wahoo!!! I love how they turned out...weird corner angles and all! The cushions aren't super fluffy and cushy, I wanted the kids to be able to be comfy but still have a somewhat even surface to be able to play board games and the like.
I priced out having custom cushions made, it would have cost me close to $400. I made these for about $60. 
I waited until the fabric went on sale for 50% off at Hancock's and purchased the foam at The Yard downtown...cheapest place to buy foam and a whole lot more!

Ya know, I hand sewed these because my sewing machine is broken, I didn't expect to enjoy it, but I love hand sewing!! It was so relaxing and I found out how to multi-task: I can sew while doing spelling with Hannah, reading with Eli, checking Noah's essays, yelling at Benny, nursing Charlie, eating lunch, talking on the phone, and even breathing!
It turns out that every stitch can be offered for a soul.
I wish I was this excited about doing the laundry and dishes;)


  1. very nice...I wouldn't even know .how to .begin that sort of project.

  2. This is great Debi. Way to go...and way to multitask!!!

  3. Once again I am very impressed. Kudos on another great project!

  4. wow! you have quite a talent. those look great.