Sunday, September 11, 2011

$887 Kitchen Remodel





Breakdown on cost:
  1. New flooring: $107.00(laminate from Sutherland's)
  2. Refacing the cabinets: $80(using Recyclebank coupons at Star Lumber)
  3. Cabinet hardware: $45(purchased for $1 each at Jabara's Damaged Freight)
  4. Paint for the walls,trim, and cabinets: $65(Home Depot and Lowe's)
  5. Counter tops: $120(Menards)
  6. Back splash:$110(Menards)
  7. Light fixture over sink: $7(Star Lumber clearance)
  8. Overhead light fixture: $40(Menards)
  9. Trim for doorways, window, and under cabinets: $23(Jabara's Damaged Freight)
  10. Bullseye corner blocks: $12 (Home Depot)
  11. Sink and faucet: $150(Craigslist and Sutherland's)
  12. 2 new base cabinets: $128(Sutherland's)

Total - $887 including all taxes

We are still working on our stove/fridge wall, we need to finish tiling and trimming out the remaining cabinets on that wall. That is our shortest wall with 2 small 15 inch base cabinets flanking the stove and the fridge. We also haven't replaced our overhead light fixture yet, I won't spend over $40 including tax, we just need to wait until I can squeeze those into our budget. The budget above includes the cost of these remaining items...I just couldn't wait to show you!!

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                                                                                          Stove & Fridge wall


  1. Oh Debi wow. Amazing. It just looks so fabulous! You must be so excited. Way to go, thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow Debi! Absolutely amazing!!! You must feel so proud whenever you're in your kitchen/dining room! Beautifully done!

  3. how great! I love it all so much! I wish I would have looked around more today. Like I said though, I really love your house it's beautiful. I'm sure you are very pleased with it all.

  4. WOW! Great job! I know who I'm calling if/when we decide to get a fixer upper!!!!!