Friday, September 2, 2011

Backsplash Options

Here is the super affordable field tile we brought home.We are trying to decide which pattern to use??
(6x6 tiles from Menards at .47 cents each and only $1.99 for the 36 2x2 sheets) 
  My good friend had 8 of these autumn bronze center accent tiles leftover from a project and generously offered them to us. I think it will be the perfect accent!
Here is the first option.

The accent tiles actually look like this, very dark, I turned the flash off so you could have a better idea.

Here is the second option,
I really like the variation of color, 
 but I think it may be too busy with the granite colored counters.
What do you think?
We will be completing our project over the weekend.
Jamocha granite laminate counters


  1. Nice! Yes, I'd stick with single color definitely. Happy working this weekend! Can't WAIT to see the finished product!!!

  2. I also like the variation of the second one but agree that it might be too much with the faux granite. Have you tried temporarily sticking some of the tiles up (for like half a day or so) in the different patterns to see which you like better? Maybe you could use some of those inexpensive mounting products out there, like the Command adhesives or something like that. I know I'm really visual, so making a permanent decision without somewhat living with it for a while would be tough for me. Good luck with the decision making - I'm sure whatever you choose will look great!

  3. Thanks everyone, I had a few wise friends come by and look at tonight and we are all in agreement with you, Option #1 it is!!
    Thanks for all your input!! If we had a more simple counter like the previous one, I would definitely go with the 2nd option, but it looks to BUSY when you actually hold the tiles up.
    Elizabeth, that is a very good idea...I'll have to keep that idea in my decorating file in my brain. I was pretty much wanting to go with idea #1, but Don really loved the more colorful one, I just needed some votes to sway the judge;)