Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Countertops Peek


I have been pretty bummed about our counters ever since the painted "granite" look hasn't held up. Everyday, I find new peelings popping up all over the place. I found the "perfect" countertops at Lowe's, but the price was a little high for our budget. It would cost over $400 for the whole kitchen.
I was browsing our Menards ad, and saw an in-stock laminate countertop featured called, "Jamocha Granite". I LOVED the color and the brown tones go perfectly with our brown and cream kitchen. 
The total before tax was $112.00 FOR THE WHOLE KITCHEN!!!!!! WAHOO!!
We bought 12ft, 8ft, and 4ft sections.

Here's a close-up. Don't you love it too???

Now, one of the reasons I loved the Lowe's counters were for the ogee edge it came with. But I think it's worth that sacrifice to save $$$.

Now we just have to figure out the backsplash?????? Any suggestions??
Here's a few backsplash ideas:

I like the layout...maybe contrasting tiles??

I love the simplicity of subway, but warmed up.

I like the earthy tuscan feel of this field stone.

We have to be realistic...I mean we are on a budget and I can't save all that $$, only to throw it at the backsplash.


  1. That's soooo great! I like the bullnose edge (I was actually going to comment that before I read what you said wanting the ogee).

    There are so many backsplash options for sure...I would just go with something lighter to contrast the darker countertops and walls.

    Congrats that's really exciting!!!

  2. What a fantastic price and they look wonderful!!

  3. I like the first back splash. Simple but pretty!

  4. If you want some antique searching and a far more traditional sinks, then the perfect bar sinks for you will be the hammered copper bar sinks.

  5. oh wow! I thought your counters looked different today. I love it. We sure missed out on that sale, what a great price! I like the first tile picture, something simple that will not detract from your great counters.