Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Guest Posting!!!!

Natalie over at A Turtles Life For Me is posting my kitchen renovation.
This is my first time guest thank you, Natalie!!
 Check it out and take a look at how she decorated her fridge!! She's brilliant!


  1. way cool...and so is your kitchen. I wish I had your talent!

  2. Congratulations! How fun :) And your kitchen is beautiful; I hope you are truly enjoying it, every morning when you come downstairs...and all day long.

  3. I saw you over at A Turtle's Life. Awesome job! Your kitchen looks fantastic!

    Kelli (I guest posted the grandfather clock makeover).

  4. Thank you!!! Josette, really, I'm just frugal and try to find the best deal to decorate...I don't consider that talent.

    MM, I do enjoy it when the counters aren't cluttered Mom came over the other day and didn't even notice the counters weren't cleared wonder!

    Kelli, thank you for stopping by, I'll be over to check out your blog!