Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Change in Seasons/ Change in Underwear

My Mom has shared many words of wisdom with me over the years. She told me that the change in seasons sometimes causes even completely potty trained children to have an increase in accidents. That was so comforting to hear!
This morning there have been 3 accidents!!
I started to wonder what I was doing wrong...but then I remembered Mom's advice. Whew! least I hope that is the reason;)
Have you noticed this phenomenon as well??


  1. Gemma has had several "false starts" lately, and she has never done that. But I just attributed it to her getting to engrossed in her play to bother going.

    And then my dear sweet Kolbe...but he's still learning so I can't make a judgment call on that yet.

    Very interesting though...the title of this post made me giggle.

  2. That's really funny because Clara was about 70% potty trained, and all of a sudden she's insisting on wearing diapers again for the last two weeks. So, maybe there's something to that! :)